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Yamaha RX-King Eligible to be Crowned as the Most Expensive Motorbike in 2018

Yamaha RX-King Eligible to be Crowned as the Most Expensive Motorbike in 2018

Techtimes.Info, JAKARTA – Who doesn’t know a Yamaha RX-King 2-stroke motorbike? Yep, the charm of a typical motorbike with the top speed and the fog of the smoke is really nothing.

If you want to experience a “mystical” experience in the devil, try it, bro, ask to use RX-King. Hehehe, riding a motorcycle feels like flying, bro.

Well, talking about the RX-King, this Yamaha motorbike turned out to be an old motorbike at the most expensive price, you know, in 2018 yesterday.

There are some collectors who dare to sell RX-King at exorbitant prices. Reporting from Gridoto.com, here, a row of RX-King with exorbitant prices.

1. RX-King is priced at 33 million

Even though now the motorbike has not been on the streets, it doesn’t mean that the Yamaha RX-King is quiet.

Monitored from the olx.co.id website, there is a Yamaha RX King motorbike that is sold at a price of Rp. 33 million by a seller account with the name Pajero.

The motorbike, which was released in 2007, looks very original and maintained.

The seller also includes information about the motorbike in the positive.

“Semarang plate H.

Serious interest can call & WA on the profile

Don’t accept negotiation before seeing the motorbike, “wrote the seller.

Do you think the price is so reasonable or not? Hehehe..

2. Yamaha RX-King is priced at 50 million

During the Otobursa Tumplek Blek 2018 mat at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, there was an interesting sight in the King’s Club Jakarta community stall (KCDJ).

A 2003 Yamaha RX-King Special Edition (SE) was sold for Rp. 50 million by the owner.

“Just want a price test, who knows there is interest,” said Gilbert Ciputra, as the owner of the motorbike and a member of the KCDJ community, quoted from GridOto.com.

Gilbert also adds, his legendary motorbike’s letters and taxes are all still alive or not stupid.

At present the numbers listed on the odometer have only touched 8 thousand km.

3. Yamaha RX-King 73 million

The owner of this RX-King is really weird, anyway. The thing is, I bought the 2009 RX-King and it has never been used!

So if you buy this bike, it’s like buying new, bro. But who would have thought that the Faizall Azhary RX-King, a 21-year-old young man from Bandung, West Java, sold IDR 73.5 million.

Those who buy doi motorcycles are also not ordinary people.

He is Ahmad Sahroni, Member of Commission III of the Republic of Indonesia Parliament from the NasDem Party Faction.

His favorite motorcycle was transported by car from his home in Bandung to the Tanjung Priok area in North Jakarta. This, really, is intended for 2018!

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