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Very Easy Mutton Soup Recipe

As everyone knows that making process of Mutton Soup is not easy and simple. A little mistake in cooking can give goat smell strongly. Of course it required more attentions to make this delicious recipe.

You can also try and make Sop Kambing Kuning. This menu is also delicious, awesome and appealing. Now the question is that how to make this one ? Rudi Choirudin shared the recipe in Rasasayange program that aired MNCTV every Sunday, at 06.00 pm. Here is the complete details

Ingredients 1:

800 g of reinforced goats and still have plenty of meat (ribs, back, thighs, goat legs).

1 L cold water

3 teaspoon salt

2 L hot water

5 bay leaves 3: 5 tbsp oil 6 sing garlic, chopped5 pieces of onion, chopped

7 cm ginger, chopped

3 lemon grass, take the white then chopped

2 tablespoon margarine 4: 4 pieces cloves ½ btg cinnamon 2 cardamom 2 ½ tsp Pepper Powder 2 tsp Desaku Turmeric Powder ¼ tsp jitan ¼ nutmeg

2 teaspoon salt Ingredients 5: Ketupat to taste 3 tablespoons fried onions 2 tbsp celery slices Boiled sambal to taste Method: Boil the ingredients 2 (except bay leaves) with 2 L cold water to boil until the goat is half cooked. Dispose of water then enter hot water and bay leaves then boiled back. Saute all ingredients 3 until fragrant and cooked and then insert in a goat stew and ingredients 3 then cover the pan and cook until the goat is tender. Place the ketupat in the bowl, add the goat with the broth. Add fried onions, celery, and chili sauce. Serve hot.

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