The best Android games 2021

The very best Android games played and listed

We’ve tried and appraised the very best games for Android, covering all classifications, and gathered them all together here. Not any more messed up console ports or troubling riddles – here you’ll discover on the best touchscreen encounters.

We cover the best titles on Android at the present time, including the best racers, puzzlers, experience games, arcade titles and then some.

We’ve given these games a shot, and hoped to see where the costs come in – there may be a free sticker added to a portion of these in the Google Play Store, however in some cases you’ll require an in application buy (IAP) to get the genuine advantage – so we’ll ensure you think about that in front of the download.

Return each month for another game, and navigate to the accompanying pages to see the most elite separated into the class that best address what individuals are playing at present, from arcade and experience, to dashing, puzzle, system, and past.

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