Easy & Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Now day’s adolescents as well as aged people face the problem of memory loss to some extent. Young people or I say students think that they are the major victims of memory loss as they forget whatever they read for exams. There can be numerous reasons for this dilemma like lack of necessary nutrients, lack of sleep or lack of hale and hearty exercise. Every problem come up with the solution so stop getting worried, mug up and take the following steps to improve your memory.

Eat Almonds:

Intake of almonds can increase your memory because almonds enclose nutrients that help in the development of brain cells.

Brain Power:

Don’t underestimate the power of your brain. It is accurately said that God has gifted everyone with the same brain but some know how to operate it in better way. Similarly, you can boost up the ability of your brain by utilizing it and focus on one point at a time. Research depict that human brain can effortlessly adapt and change even in the old age so don’t lose hope and believe in your own knack of brain.

Visualization And Hearing:

If you don’t want to forget anything then you should speak that thing out loud so you could hear it. When you hear voice your mind get activates which is good for memorizing things. Similarly, you can learn better from pictures. You can memorize things by visualizing those in your mind. Let’s take an example, say you want to remember that you have to bring tomatoes in addition to potatoes from market as majority of males face this problem every day. You should visualize yourself or any person purchasing potatoes and tomatoes from a shopkeeper. This visual image will preserve in your mind and in turn definitely help you to remembering your purchasing items better.


Meditation is also considered as a tool for increasing memory. One way to do the meditation is by offering Islamic Salah because the steps that are being performed in Salah help to circulate blood to brain which is tremendously good for memory. Non-Muslims can do the meditation according to their religion.

Negative Emotions:

Depression, anger, stress are the emotions that eat away the part of brain that is responsible for the functioning of memory, so one must try to avoid negative emotions as much as possible.

Sleep well:

Research shows that people who don’t take proper sleep suffer from memory loss. Thing is that our brain needs rest too, at the time of sleep our mind is at rest condition so sleeping also helps in increasing memory. One must take 8 hours of sleep in a day.


If you want to possess a good memory then you must develop a habit of regular exercise. Actually brain gets energy from the intake of oxygen and during exercise one inhales a good deal of oxygen leading to proper execution of brain.

Friends and Family:

Give proper time to friends and family. When your mind keeps on working on the same task it get jammed so to recharge it hangout with friends and family.


You will have to practice the above tricks to increase your memory. One might thinks that some tips are way too easy but you can’t get results if you don’t practice these genuinely as practice always makes a man perfect!

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